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At Norse Systems technology has always been a means to an end. The business mission at Norse has always been linked to client profitability. But, we have also realized that successful deployment of the right management systems technology can have a dramatic impact on profitability and efficiency. Therefore we have been focused on choosing, developing and deploying technologies that are effective in a business management setting.


We were an early adaptor of flexible multi-user database technology. We chose a multi-dimensional database model because of its superior performance modeling business data. The database we use today is a "Rocket Software" (formerly an IBM) product based on this model called Universe. It is a leading commerical database deployed by many of the country's leading companies. Universe provides the platform on which our applications are>

Screen Driver

In addition to the database platform, we discovered that we required tools to make our users and our programming efforts more productive. We were again among the early software developers to adopt technical and coding standards for all of our software work. That is why our older code is still productive and maintainable over 26 years later. These technical standards have evolved and our current coding standard is based on a proprietary fifth generation application development tool of our own development called "Screen Driver". Screen Driver includes capabilities for developing and managing application security and workflow, database distribution, menus, data entry, browsers, reporting and free-form query tools, data filtering and selection tools and other utilities for helping the user control program logic and system security.

There are several reasons why we felt we needed to create a development environment, including our desire to avoid the need to support client code on the workstation and server code on the host in order to provide a graphic user interface. Screen Driver code all lives on the host, but is capable of driving a graphic user interface (windows interface) on the workstation. Screen Driver allows each user to choose between a graphic user interface or character based interface for faster data entry, using the same code from the host. (this capabability is unique to Screen Driver and a significant benefit for some users.) These are very advanced tools, Screen Driver is a significant advancement over other tools for application develoment in commercial database settings. Our current coding is absolutely "state of the art" .

The bottom line is that as our client, you will always be ahead of the competition in terms of effective technology deployment and never behind the technical 8 ball. Our clients utilize the latest technolgy but have never lost a spec of business data keeping up.

Ask us to show you how you can develop a report on your own, or ask us to show you how to build a custom menu or control your users security profiles. All of the development tools are also licensed for your use when you become a Norse client. The major benefit for our users however, is that we are more productive when they need support or a customized application modification.


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