Norse Systems, Inc. provides comprehensive systems for the management of Bus Operations

and Enterprise IT tools (ScreenDriver®) for application developers and end users.


Typical solutions from Norse involve every aspect of strategic business system deployment. The business application systems from Norse are thoroughly integrated and comprehensive. Norse Systems has been providing specialized business software for Bus Operators for over 32 years. This application suite addresses nearly every management problem faced by bus operators, including school busing, coach, transit, tours and shuttles, maintenance, operations and financial systems for both public and private entities in a fully integrated application set. Completely administered virtual servers provide the computer power, proprietary advanced communications technology provides the connection, and a powerful commercial database combined with state of the art application development and data access tool (ScreenDriver®), provide unmatched flexibility and responsiveness to management needs.

These system technologies combined with top notch professional support from Norse, are the most cost effective way to insure that all of your managers are equipped with the state of the art tools they need to excel, in a complex business setting, which might be multi site and even multi company.  These systems will allow your personnel to achieve a degree of coordination and efficiency that you may have only imagined, regardless of the scale of your enterprise (nationwide deployment is no problem).  Deployment of these proven systems and technologies can save millions of dollars of IT expenditure and years of frustration. These solutions rapidly lead to improved performance and profitability.

Although Norse licenses the entire application set, including the (ScreenDriver®) development environment with every client license, several applications can be deployed so as to provide a world class solution to a specific set of problems. See the outlines below.   


fleet maintenance
CEMP1 - Capital equipment and Fleet Maintenance
CEMP1 from Norse Systems, Inc. is a comprehensive Maintenance Management System. It is a superior maintenance management tool for all types of complex assets. One implementation can manage multiple sites and multiple assets types. It is fully integrated with Inventory Control and Purchasing Systems optimized for use by maintenance departments. It can utilize bar code readers for inventory and repair order input. It has sophisticated Warrantee tracking and recovery capabilities and component serial number tracking when required. Norse has been refining CEMP1 for 32 years. Fleet maintenance software from Norse Systems, Inc. is appropriate for fleets of 30 or more large vehicles. The CEMP1 maintenance software suite is an especially good fit for large organizations or for maintenance environments with multiple sites and maintenance inventory in multiple maintenance facilities.

CEMP1 the maintenance software from Norse Systems, Inc. can be configured to maintain any type of assets. Trucks, buses, automobiles, heavy equipment, aircraft, ground service equipment, as well as plants and facilities can all be maintained. The CEMP maintenance software is closely integrated with inventory and fuel management systems. The fleet maintenance software is capable of interfacing with financial systems from Norse or with your existing financial systems. CEMP1 is built with (ScreenDriver®) the Enterprise IT environment.

The CEMP1 fleet maintenance software from Norse Systems will allow you not only to track, but also to control and reduce your fleet operating costs. The CEMP1 fleet maintenance software is an important part of a complete solution for bus companies.
School Bus Routing Software
Norse Systems' school bus routing software is comprehensive and intuitive. Using our school bus routing software your staff will create efficient and cost-effective school bus routes within your school district. The name of Norse Systems' school bus routing software is the "Routing Wizard". The Routing Wizard is a complete school bus routing software tool that includes a powerful multi-user student database, school bus routing and school bus stop assignment logic, combined with a powerful mapping application.

The Norse Systems school bus routing software gives complete control of school busing. The school bus routing software resides on a central host or Virtual Server and the map application runs on the user workstation. Unlike other school bus routing systems, Routing Wizard allows for multiple school districts to reside in a single database. This single database approach is powerful and provides remarkable flexibility for contractors who want to leverage their school bus routing expertise. Norse school bus routing software provides expert central support for county or state agencies with more than one school district.

Norse Systems school bus routing software supports students with multiple addresses and students who attend multiple programs or special sessions. The school bus routing software allows for multiple guardians with multiple contact numbers as well as varied stops by day of the week. Many other features accommodate the complexity encountered in student’s lives today. Check the Literature Link and review the brochure for more information. Use the contact page to get in touch with us and schedule an evaluation of the Norse school bus routing software.
Motorcoach Charter Management Software
The ultimate solution for Coach Charter or School Field Trip sales and workload management. CHARTER MANAGER2 is a complete motorcoach management software system for the sale of charters and field trips. It also includes integrated Line Run management and fuel tax reporting features. It is closely integrated with the Accounts Receivable, Fleet Maintenance, Driver Time and Pay and General Ledger systems.

The Motorcoach Charter Management software tracks your quotations to customers, automatically prices trips, and builds dispatch records, all by just entering departure date, departure time and destination. The Motorcoach Charter Management software can automatically balance driver assignment workload and gross pay, and manage the assignment of buses and drivers to charter/field trips. The sophisticated dispatch system checks for bus availability and driver licenses and qualifications. Dispatch "doubling" can be managed very gracefully with the sophisticated dispatch system. Deposits and final invoicing at trip close flow automatically to the totally integrated Accounts Receivable and the General Ledger systems. Trips booked in the Motorcoach charter management system may be cancelled with or without imposing cancellation charges. Multiple vehicle types and multiple vehicles may be booked in a single charter order. Confirmation letters, quotations and invoices can be generated for the client by either laser print or e-mail.

With the customer’s charter order and quotation history at your fingertips…in seconds…you can close the charter sale on the spot. CHARTER MANAGER2 is a key part of your Norse competitive advanatge.
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